Shootaring Canyon Mill

Anfield Energy Inc acquired the Shootaring Canyon Mill from Uranium One in 2015.


  • Located approximately 48 miles (77 kilometers) south of Hanksville, Utah.
  • One of three licensed conventional uranium mills in the United States.
  • Conventional acid-leach facility licensed to process up to 750 tons of ore per day.
  • Built in 1980; commenced operations in 1982 and operated for approximately 6 months; ceased operations due to depressed price of uranium.
  • During its period of operation, it produced and sold 27,825 pounds of U3O8.
  • Surface stockpiles at the facility include an  estimate of 370,000 pounds of U3O8 at an average grade of 0.147%.*
*Source:  2016 PEA. The PEA completed for Velvet-Wood has been authored by Douglas L. Beahm, P.E., P.G. Principal Engineer, of BRS Inc., Terence P. (Terry) McNulty, P.E., D. Sc., of T.P. McNulty and Associates Inc.

See “Summary of Uranium One Conventional Uranium Asset Transaction” for more information regarding the status of the properties described in this section.